Multiple dynamic components texture scaling issue when change the attribute

Hi there, I’m having an issue with dynamic component. I made a dynamic component with some dynamic components together inside. without using scale tool I set the option to change the attribute. but when I change the attibute texture also stretching.
I know there is a solution “scale definition”. but It’s only working for one single component. not for some components together. Please someone give me a solution.
I attached the images here.

First off, I would recommend posting your component, so people can look at what you are working with. Short of that, are the different pieces (frame, drawer, etc…) separate components, or is this one big monolithic piece? Are textures applied to individual faces, or at a component level?

No filler gap drawer.skp (374.4 KB)

This is the component. all are seperate components. texture applied after component level.

When a material is painted on a component or group, the material scales with the object that it is painted on. I don´t think there is a way to circumvent that. It also happens if the texture is painted directly on a face inside the object.

you need to add a sub group or component that has at least one fixed dimension to the (raw geometry) surface of the part you wish material to update
top material updates.skp (504.2 KB)

ok. thank you

But here it only works for the top component which includes that sup group right? not for the all components. that means do I want to add a sup group or component to each component that I have?

yes, copy and paste a similar group to each part, maybe a hidden line with lenX=1, pos (0,0,0)

Can someone post an example of this? I can’t get it to work.

Scratch that - I wasn’t doing the nesting correctly. I’d created two components, one with fixed dimension, and then made them into a master component. Instead you need to create the locked group/component, and add it to the main component as you create it. The “top material updates” example earlier in the string has the goods. Thanks @pcmoor !

noted, added “(raw geometry)” to post