Texture stretches


What can I do to prevent textures being stretched inside dynamic components?

You can try a material scaler. A few threads here:


Yet again it won’t show the right size.

Scaler test.skp (432.7 KB)

Seems to work for me.

If you use dynamic component options to set size, it won’t set to this size.

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Could this be osx Sonoma related?

lenX nominal bug?

Since resizing a Dynamic Component is done by scaling, textures get scaled, too. Same as with the native Scale tool. You can’t prevent it from happening.

Another option for fixing that is to scale the definitions of the objects after resizing. That updates the size of the object and resets the texture to its correct dimensions. After resizing the DC, scale the definitions of the objects within. The native Scale Definition will work on one component at a time. You could use S4U Scale Definition to scale the definitions of all of the components in a selection.

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AH HA! maybe…

Try this one:
Scaler test edit.skp (423.4 KB)

Unfortunately not…

Scaler test.skp (402.4 KB)

I really appreciate the help…


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So this is the lenxyz_nominal bug. If you are not using Attribute Inspector (by @Aerilius) and Attribute Helper (SKP Team) you should get them. There is a LOT more going on with DCs than shown in the SKP DC attributes panel.

In this case the _last_lenY is out of sync with the LenY and _leny_nominal attributes. Don’t completely understand how/why this happens after having spent a ton of time looking into it, but it has to do with handling transformations I think. It is a patch on a patch according to @DanRathbun. Either manually fixing the geometry or deleting the leny_nominal attribute (it gets rewritten correctly by the DC extension and updates the other 2).

Here is the fix:

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