Funky Material Behavior

Hello! I’ve having troubles with applying a material to my pre-made dynamic components. But when I apply the same material to a pre-made component (no dynamic attributes added), the material works great! To better explain my problem, I made a video to show the differences between the 2 and hopefully someone get jump in and help me out! Thanks!

I don’t have a lot of experience with dynamic components but I have learned a decent amount about how textures work in SketchUp. What seems to be happening on your set of dynamic components the texture on the top face is being mapped to the same location as the front face. What this means is that the top face is being textured with a stretched version of the same texture as the front face. I know this doesn’t solve the problem but it might help someone else come up with a solution.

What attributes do you have added to your dynamic components?

The attributes on my dynamic component control the spacing between the boards and allows it to multiply the boards using the stretch command. I’ve attached a screenshot of the attributes.

Can you try applying the texture before using the scale/stretch and then using the scale to multiply the boards and see if that visible shows any changes on the texture?

It does the same thing whether I stretch it or not.

Okay, my initial thought was wrong. The issue is coming from the LenY attribute in your case. When you set your LenY to 1" it is either stretching or squishing all of your faces that are not on the x-z plane. When these faces get stretched or squished with LenY any texture that gets applied to them seems to also get stretched and squished. The video attached should show what I’m talking about a little better.

An easy fix for this would to just make sure that when you initially create your dynamic component you make sure the component has the correct dimensions before using the Len attributes. I think this should fix your problem.

So, I deleted the LenY because I really don’t need it. The Y dimension will always be 1". But, the material still stretches on the edges.

Yes, deleting the attribute didn’t work for me either. To fix the issue I had to make sure my “board” was sized exactly how I wanted it before making it a component. There might be a different way to fix it but this is the only way I know how.

Thanks for trying. My board was sized exactly how I wanted it before making it a component.