Dynamic component won't change materials


I have been trying to figure what is wrong with my model for the past 4 hours and nothing works. The material wont change through the component options no matter what I do. I checked and double checked, and tripple checked the material is set to default on my faces inside my components. You can see the path in the picture below so thats not it. I exploded the parts, renamed them and tried again. I also tried on a new test cube coupled with sample of textures on planes and there too it wont change. I see the material getting changed on the sub-components in the component options but not on the object itself.

The thing is I had to change already made dynamic component get new materials and fix some issues where some parts werent updating the material accordingly and fixed that. But now Im starting from scratch and even though Im doint the exact same thing I did with the other components, it just doesnt work. Surely Im missing something basic, but what?

I also tried repairing sketchup with the administration rights, didnt change a thing.

Thanks for the help.

I think you haven’t added the standard ‘material’ attribute.
You can do it now and refer to the custom attribute ‘colour_ etc
It is hard to say from picture only, pls upload the .skp file

Hello and thanks for trying to assist me. Unfortunately, I cannot share the file. That being said Im not sure what you are talking about. I looked it up and I can’t find any information about the “standard material” you are talking about. A little more precision would go a long way. Even better, a proper workflow from start to finish to acheive what Im trying to do would be great!

Thanks again!

The standard attribute material is under the behaviors: You only have custom attributes.

check the help centre:

refer to colour attribute in Material attribute:

Alright it works,

So for anyone else having the same problem, you need to get to the bottom of your entity group, then apply a material attribute(not a custom one) and call back on your upper component custom attribute.

For instance material: =cube!custom attribute

Thanks for taking the time to help me! :slight_smile:

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