Can't set the material on my Dynamic Component

I know that in order to select a material from the library it has to be IN the model, or component, so i made a simple example like in the picture, i create a component and just by its side a small sample of the texture i want to use, but for some reason it is stuck on " material not in model", what am i missing?

one adds a swatch to the DC, usually a hidden group, plane divided to paint required samples, for small number it is ideal. Its a good idea to have this preform as a “scaler” a simple formula that triggers the redraw and uniqueness of the parent. Then the material stops stretch/skink and looks correct .
Any space in the material must be remove or replaced, you can name the material, rescale, colorize to maximum reuse and minim file size

The wall shows the embedded swatch , with referenced scaled material
Masonry Wall - - 3D Warehouse (

I know! as you can see in the picture,thats what i did, but anyway it says that the texture is not in the model, im losing my mind :sleepy:

Could you post the model file?

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=“Chapa de madero 01”

otherwise maybe looking for an attribute “chapa” and errors with syntax there after

or do not use the equal sign

as per Ryan, a sample will help to sort the issue

plus after a change the DC may not redraw, you can do this manually, set a short cut or run a script

It looks like you mistyped the materials name
Chapa de madera 01
looks like
Chapa de m adera 01
in the red error message…