Material changing


hi again.
i am trying to figure out how to change material dynamically by selecting material in drop down list. i have suppliers material of sheets witch i can choose and want my DC to change texture when i select one.
i created texture of f187 st9 beton chigago and named it by code i use under this name 308031. when i hit f187 st9 beton chigago in material i have 308031 and the peace just turn green. in color folder i have 38031 but it does nothing.
is there a way to do it? i cannot figure it out.


assuming the material is in the model, use =“308031” the expression can be placed in the dropdown values.

However I believe loading such a number of materials (swatches) to your model to match the number of options would make the file very big.
You could consider a global component to hold the clients selection and have the other DCs reference it. This would make changes quicker, less file space, although you would need a small script to redraw all.
So one would paint the global DC swatch, run the script to update all with the redraws.


Thanks for your respond.
I new that swatch could be applied and also it would get too large if I place there all the material I use. hoped that there is a way to just select drop down menu and it would refer to texture in materials. as easy as if I write green and it will refer to color green. witch works that way.
thanks a million. I will play around with the global box.