Dynamic Drop Down Menus !?

Dear All,

Today’s problem courtesy of AutoArt comes in the form of having to many materials in a DC!


You have 6 Doors each with 6 Unique Materials.

-You could create a menu with 36 different materials each with the door name next to it… but this leads to the possibility of incorrectly applying a material from a different door.

-Better would be… select the door style you want and have the material ‘DropDown’ automatically update with only the materials you specify for that door.

As far as I can see it could be done in one of 2 ways… the materials ‘DropDown’ is dynamic or a new one appears when selecting the doorstyle.

First, has anyone got the foggiest what i’m talking about? Second, anyone got any idea how to make a dropdown menu dynamically load or a new one appear?

You should examine some of the Marvin DC components on the 3DW.
They have dialogs that react to changes in the first few controls.

Thanks Dan! I’ll take a look!

you cant hide a drop down, however you can insert formulas in the value part of the drop down, so for types of doors you can have different materials / colors (five in the example) matched to the (three) type choice

color choices.skp (25.7 KB)

Hi Phil, sorry for the delay in the reply… I have been off project for a few weeks! That looks really good what you sent but ultimately doesn’t achieve what I need :frowning: Hope you’re keeping well down there!