Component Options drop-down list material schemes (more than two)

Came across the following thread while looking how to create selectable material schemes with Dynamic Components.

Was able to get the IF statement to work with two material schemes. However, this approach does not work past two schemes (rightfully so as IF inherently addresses only two options).

Could anyone provide an approach in creating a drop-down list in Component Options with more than two material schemes.

And use case would be:

Chair made up of wood frame, leather upholstery and metal accents. User then can go through three or more material schemes that cycles through a set combination of wood, leather and metal materials. It is crucial that its a set combination … wood_1 + leather_3 + metal_2 … to limit what material combinations are actually available product.

Appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks!

you can nest if statements to create more choices, however most likely you would use the CHOOSE(index,value1,value2,…valueN) where index would be the OPTIONINDEX(“attributeName”) and attributeName the dropdown attribute, you need to use a separate attribute to pass to nested groups

choose color scheme.skp (27.0 KB)

Thanks pcmoor for the quick reply and options! Will study the SKP file you provided.

Appreciate your insight on this!

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