Choice of two different Materials for a single DC

I’ve got a project where I need to have choices for two (2) different Materials assigned to a single Component. Is that even possible or do I need to make a separate Component or one within another?

You can do it with a single component. In the Components panel go to Dynamic Components Training and pull out the cafe table. Look at how its attributes are set up to get an idea of how to do what you want.

Thanks - I see how multiple colors are selected, but they are still applied singly to individual subComponents. That’s what I needed to know.

But you don’t need multiple copies of the component to be able to change the material. One instance is enough.

I’m talking about setting two different Materials independently in one Component at the same time.

You mean like a coated, iron beam?
Or painted wood?
SketchUp doesn’t have a real concept of physics, it’s just edges and faces.
Maybe add some custom attributes to deal with it?

I did just that one time. I pretty much forgot how. I think there were color chips inside the group and triggered the change with “on click”.