Rotate material in Dynamic Component - DC has attribute to choose multiple materials

Hello! I have a dynamic component where one of the attributes allows user to choose multiple materials from a drop down menu. I would like to rotate the material, but since the actual material not “applied” in the component I cannot click on the Texture and rotate as you would on a plane surface. How can I rotate the material in the DC?

Thank you in advance!

How many different rotations you you need?

If it is only - say - two, you could have two copies of the component with the texture applied differently, maybe one horizontally, the other vertically.

Then have a user settable attribute to toggle hiding one and unhiding the other.

Would that work?

I’m by no means expert in creating DCs, so perhaps @pcmoor, who is, will be able to help you further.

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I only need 2 different rotations for each material (DC has 3 different materials), but I want the same material applied to the entire model (ideally with one drop down). So are you saying, within each material also apply a hiding attribute?

Thank you!

I used the drop down list and just made gave the options to choose from. You don’t need to hide the other. For pattern direction you just need to save the material as a separate material in each direction. then you would have six choices and only one would be applied at a time.

How do I control which face gets which direction? Do I need to separate the DC to be 2 separate components within? Thank you!

You need to apply the materials to the faces inside the component with it open for editing, not the the outside of component, to be able to change the rotation angle and start position of the texture.

I am new to sketchup so I am sorry if I am just lagging here - I thought if I applied the texture directly to a surface within a DC, I cannot change it with as an attribute in the drop down menu?

I have the surfaces that will not toggled between different options applied within the DC (and they do not change when I click on the Material drop down menu). But the other materials are only typed into the attribute, and by doing so I seem to not be able to pull up the prompt showing “texture position” - that typically shows up on regular surfaces.

Thank you again!

Here is a simplified demo of the material change I used.
Hope that it is helpful.
Color change demo.skp (979.6 KB)
The model should work now.

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Thank you wow a whole demo model!

I have made DCs with multiple options for component size etc.
Take a look at this component in the 3D warehouse, “36”-56" adjustable WonderStructure Stage Support"

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I have uploaded a few other types of DC conversions if you care to look them up. Some are better done than others, but, they demonstrate how some things can be done.

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To give specific help, a sample model is required, but orientation of the elements and material files to suit is the answer, on how to employ is model specific.

Also you could rotate the component dynamically. If you need to keep let say lenx for grain direction and leny for cross grain direction.

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Hello! Please see attached DC, model containing DC, and image.

Material Rotation_DC.skp (28.1 KB) I want the top surface surface’s grain to run 90 degrees from its current position. The two legs are in the proper orientation.

The DC has an attribute that lets it toggle between two different materials.

Thank you in advance!