Texture Dynamic Component

Greetings, I’m looking for help… I created a simple wooden frame with SkUp’s DC,
to the various pieces of wood that lay the frame I assigned a first material
called “Legno_1” (loaded as textures in the model), I created a second
called “Legno_2” (loaded in the template)… The problem is this, when I try to change
the type of wood, chosen from the sliding window, is only modified in one single piece of the frame
(Right vertical riser), the material does not change in the other parts of the frame and I can not
to rotate the texture in order to have the wood grains both horizontal and vertical
Can you help me… Thank you


Possibly the textures on the parts that don’t change are painted directly on the faces inside the parts. The DC material option only applies to materials that have been painted on the whole component or group, while the faces inside must be in the default material. As to grain direction, there is currently no way to control the orientation of materials applied on components or groups, so the solution would be to create separate materials for the horizontal and vertical parts.

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