Make material seamless over multiple components

Hello guys! This is my first post here so i really hope for some help and guidance here. As so I look forward to share my knowledge… :slight_smile:

I’m working on these frames at the moment and i got stuck in a problem with the materials. When i apply wood on them the texture (ofc) gets “cut” where i have the corners components.

The frames is dynamic so i can resize them to any meashure. But than it does not work with the texture at the moment. And i’ve been trying everything joutö.

I’ve been trying all standard things, and using ThruPaint.
Is there a way to do this? Or is there another way to build the frames with the corners?

I hope I understand this correctly:
the bottom bar is not smoothed, so the individual parts of the curve can be selected and the direction of the texture can be adjusted. This is different from the side bars: there the curvature is smoothed. When selecting, the whole surface is selected and a material is assigned to it. This can be easily changed by either not smoothing the edge or making the hidden geometry visible (the dashed lines) when assigning material. Then you can also edit the material of the segments of the rounding individually. For example, by copying (command) or changing direction, position etc. (right click).

Also there is a gap …

Sorry, i forgot to post this imagine.

Here you see the my error.

And just few quick answers.
The gap is there to make them a little more realistic in the render.
But the position and rotation of the corners is not the problem, its to make them seamless with the side components. (Also when transformed with the attributes)

If you sample the material from one component’s face and apply it to the neighboring faces, they should be seamless.

Even if they are different components?

Another picture of my fail. On the acctual frame.

Yes. Of course you need to be applying the material to the faces and not the components but you should be doing that anyway.


An example using that method to get continuous grain across multiple components.

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Yes, see:

And does it work when i change the attribute s do? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:

with my SU version 21, it only applies to that texture – when you apply another texture, you will have to sample and paste it anew.

It worked! But when changing the size (attribute:height) it squizes the middle compontent (as so the texture). Why is that?

SketchUp always scales textures together with the components they sre painted on.

Remember that resizing with Dynamic Components is always a scaling operation.

Question for you: How will you use this frame you are creating? Is there a benefit in making it a Dynamic component?

Is there another way to resize? Some kind of push operation?

Well, I did all of the frames manually first. But I wanted to find a easyer way.
I also wanted to find a way to with ease copy one frame and replace/change the profile.

But from your post it seams like the best way might be using the manually built frames?

If having textures on the components as you show is important to you, maybe Dynamic Components aren’t a great option. It’s not at all difficult to resize a frame with native tools and without scaling. Then you would need these little short pieces at the corners. As long as your texture image is long enough, the texture will be continuous over the length of the frame component. My wood grain textures come from actual boards that are 2 or more meters long so I could make quite long frame pieces with them. But with Dynamic Components like you’re making there would still be issues due to scaling of components and the materials. Or use very plain, featureless textures or maybe skip the textures altogether.

Could you help me out and create a dynamic frame that works? I’ll be taking product photos with these so I really need them to be as perfect as possible (realistic) Would save so much time for me to fast be able to change sizes and material. Also change profiles in the longer run…

It looks like you already have the basic setup for the DC. I’m not going to be able to do any more with the textures than you are in the Dynamic Component.

Ok, so then the only way is to build every frame manual you if I understand you correct? For every size and material/color I need…

Yes, but as @DaveR allready told you it is very easy to resize with the move tool so it won’t take long and doesn’t screw up your textures.

Not necessarily, but it would need a trick:
If you first apply the material to the component (and reset it’s position) and then edit it to replace the front face with the default material in the entity info panel, applying the material to the container (group or component) will inherit the UV mapping accordingly.
The scalable parts, however, need to match on both sides, so that’s the main issue, I guess.