Texture Mapping

Hi Sketchup Community,

I am currently creating my own dynamic component library
They all work very well
But as I started texturing I ran into some issues as you can see in the screenshot

The mapping is faulty and the texture applied is not always continuous and does not necessarily follow the same axis

Do you have any idea to resolve this problem or reset the mapping?



You should go look on the side of Fredo6’s Thrupaint (just google it, you’ll land on the first result)

it allows easy manipulation of materials on faces, soften or not.

Does it help with Dynamic Components? I had a hell of a time setting some very simple house shapes shells up for one of my clients. When the components change size everything gets weird.

that’s a good question, I don’t use a lot of them.

maybe @Fredo6 knows ?

Can you share an example?
What kind of result are you after?

With fredo’s Thru Point depends on how you want to map an object, for the adaptative one you must have a clean quad mesh, tubes are usually made out of quads on sketchup but if you have connections, it’s necessary to clean them up so they don’t create ngons, otherwise you wont be able to apply the material, the other options don’t require to have a quad mesh, they work like project a texture. There are other plugins I use for mapping, the easiest to use is SketchUV, but its more limited than Thru paint, and one of my favorites plugins is WrapR, it’s perfect for organic shapes, its better to have a clean quad mesh but its possible to make a good Unwrapping even with a messy mesh using properly the seam tool. SketchUV is the only free plugin out of the ones I mentioned, but Thrupaint and wrapR have free trial.

If you want I can check your file and test with the plugins I mentioned to see which one works better.

I already tried and it doesn’t work, the texture extends like the component…

This file is too big, so i share it as link

This file is too big, so i share it as link

Thanks for help

Use a texture or material resizer extension to get the file size down

the material applied is repeated in each component, if you outer shell or union these then material will spread across all. this can be done when the DC has the size required, then if need to change, just swap with definition. You can make the DC to achieve a better outcome with solid tools,

you wish to automate with script that freezes options as well
Meuble neutre.skp (3.8 MB)

basically making the DC sections one solid

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I don’t know if I understand what you’re telling me (I’m French)
But I can’t join the different solids into a single component because the different angles would be distorted when enlarged

you use the dc function to change size, then the solid tools destroy the DC at a sub level, but data is preserved in the parent, the texture is correct for this finished size, however if you want the DC to reactivate then you swap it with its saved definition, this will restore dynamics to the current instance, then repeat

Best to use solid groups as the parts so leave no residue
Steel Beam Parallel Flange - - 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)
Steel Beam PFC Aust UK EU - - 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

these multiple part objects can have the sub outer shell and exploded to simple solid then if required swapped with own definition or another


I feel like it’s working !
In fact the texture returns to its original scale
It’s going to take me a while but it works very well

Thank you very much, if anyone has found a faster technique I’m interested haha :face_holding_back_tears: