Switching material finishes on components


Hi - i am creating a design for a retail shop, however i want to show the counter with different material finishes so the customer can decide what colour scheme they like best.

Is the only / best way, to create the counter multiple times with the different finishes each with its own layer, so that i can switch them on of off, or can someone recommend a faster / better way.

Ideally if i can just toggle between colours on the one counter as i think this will help keep the file size down?

Thanks in advance!


Probably the fastest and easiest way to do it is with multiple copies, each with a different material and each on a different layer. Then use different scenes to show each one. You could create a dynamic Component that would allow you to actively change the material. there are some examples in the DC example components included with SketchUp. While you can do that, it’ll probably take you more time to set up than it will to make the copies and assign them to different layers.

How will you show the client the different options?


OK thanks Dave. i will look into dynamic components as i don’t have much knowledge on this.

but i think your suggestion of using different scenes will be the go.


It’s a good idea to learn about making Dynamic Components but if your models are all custom one-offs, they might not be that useful.