Multiple Materials Instead of one

I have a DC that changes material by function. Everything is fine till I copy that DC, then “copied DC” have added new material with slightly changed number of the colour, mostly just added one digit. Is that a bug inside DC plugin or I do something wron inside DC component?

Electric DC.skp (490.0 KB)

I have had this happen to me with DCs. I think it happened when I specified the material with the color picker set on HLS (Hue Lightness Saturation). Then when making the copy, it would create a new material with a slight change. It’s possible the change is caused because of a conversion from HLS to RGB which isn’t 1 to 1.

Setting the color in the original component as RGB seems to have have fixed it for me.

How? Copying and pasting or importing might do this, as SketchUp will not overwrite materials already in a model but adds the suffix.

Thank you guys for quick respond. Using RGB instead of HTML solved the problem. :handshake:

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