Making editable dynamic component furniture

Hello, I am working on my first dynamic component.
I am trying to create a furniture piece for a manufacturers 3D warehouse page. It will be a customizable bench.
Inside the main component, I have a frame that has a drop down list of materials.
I also have 3 options of cushions, each having their own drop down menu with materials.
I was able to add the Dynamic Component drop down list to all individual components.
How can I add all component options to a single dynamic component?
having a drop down list of bench materials then having the option to select a cushion and having a selection of material for each cushion?

Sounds to me that’s a great application for the new “Live” components feature - instead of Dynamic Components.

Unfortunately, SketchUp hasn’t (yet) provided any tools for creating them. They’ve said it’s coming, but no ideas as to WHEN.

I agree. Hopefully we get that feature soon to create our own.

Until then…you could use a dropdown with generic choices, using a textbox to reveal the material. Then nested choose functions.
choose color.skp (40.3 KB)

you can consider putting formula in the value section of the dropdown as well

This is very helpful. Thank you. its educational seeing how dynamic components work.

I am attaching the model I am trying to make a dynamic component. had to delete many of the material options because of file size.test-component.skp (6.9 MB)

You could use extension
material resizer
to reduce the file size, please do so and upload the other materials

which materials go to which frames?

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There is only one frame that uses a drop down with all paint materials on the right of model.
the 3 different cushion options have all the leather and fabric textures each.
But after seeing the file size and so many options, I am going to call the manufacturer to reduce the amount of options. I don’t think for the warehouse, so many options are needed. Just the option to switch between cushions and a few material options.
I used the material resizertest-component2.skp (5.1 MB) for this uploaded model. thanks for the suggestion.

Does the frame change size or is it dynamic?
the reason would be whether to incorporate a scaler / swatch ?

a different idea, would be three swap-able benches that update to their
current size.

Frame doesn’t change size. Only a frame and 3 swappable cushions. I will be doing 20 different benches for this company with the same options.

All the options need to be in parent, I used
attribute-inspector after placing 1 simple option, to copy and paste the lists

I made an option to choose a cushion, then made is value an index to choose from to hide the other two,
the values of the frame and cushion materials are then passed to the sub_components, where I deleted the options
The materials are on a swatch embedded on underside of the bench
Moreover I again reduced the materials
test-component2.skp (2.0 MB)

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Wow, this is great! thank you so much. I am just arriving from a trip today and will be in front of a computer to try it out tomorrow.

Component worked exactly as I had envisioned it. Thank you so much for taking the time. Learning a lot about dynamic components studying what you did.