Using dynamic components to have multiple products sections in a list

I am trying to create a dynamic component that has multiple products inside of it that can be selected. Example: I want to have these Meanwell HLG Power supplies as a list.
I want to be able to click on a power supply and select say 100H and the model changes to the dimensions of the 100h. If I select 60h it will change to the dimensions of the 60h. Can anyone help?

Depending on how many product parts you wish to change, this could be pretty straight forward.
Here is simple example. lengthFromList.skp (142.2 KB)

In this example, the user options drop down will effect the Length while the height and width are constant. It was done via the CHOOSE function in conjunction with the options list.

Hope this helps to get you started.


It has been a while since I have worked with DCs so, as an exercise, I took it a bit further :slight_smile:

Here is a more developed one with mounts and cable ports and 4 H,W,L adjustments based on your 4 LED Driver models. lengthFromList_2.skp (350.3 KB)

Have fun and happy holidays


@ChrisDizon Thank you Chris! This helps so much. Merry Christmas.