Dynamic Component Capability Question

Hey all,

I’m trying to create a dynamic component that would allow you to choose from a list of sub components as to which one is present.

For example, the idea is to create a guitar dynamic component in which you could make a drop-down list and choose “acoustic” or “electric” etc. The idea would be that once you choose an option, that associate component would appear.

Does anyone have any idea how I might do this? So far I haven’t really been able to think of anything, so I thought I would ask for help.

Thanks in advance!


It’s feasible but if each type of guitar is very detailed the guitar component will be heavy!

You model each of the guitars as simple components. With the same scale and the same type of axis (for example the red axis the center of the neck and the green axis the thickness of the guitar) and for origin the place where the fingers scratch the strings.

You group all the guitars into a component.

For each of the sub-guitars, you define the position x,y,z =0.

In the parent component you create a “type” attribute with a folk selection list=1 electric =2…

For each subcomponent you define the “Coude” attribute

For guitard folk =if(parent! Type=1,false,true)

For the electric =if(parent! Type=2,false,true)

This will have the effect of masking unselected guitars.