Problem changing dynamic component option on more than one object at a time

I have a dynamic component that is a simple block of wood that I use a lot for building 3D framing models for such things as tiny houses. In the “component options” dialog box I can change the length, width, thickness and whether the component is oriented vertically or horizontally. I often want to change just one attribute such as length on more than one component at a time. In the sample drawing I have uploaded I have several placements of the same exact component. Try selecting various combinations of multiple components, open the “component options” dialog box and change the length to something like 48. While all the components do change length they also change their orientations. I have noticed that the attributes of only one of the selected components is displayed in the “component options” dialog box even though many components are selected. The attributes of the component shown seem to get forced onto the other components when applying the change depending on what is selected. I have even noticed that in some cases the horizontal/vertical choice disappears from the dialog box for some components. I don’t really like having to change an attribute of several objects one at a time but I have not been able to rely on a multiple component change. Is this a feature or a bug?
dynamic Problem.skp (105.6 KB)

If you put the relevant dimension options into the parent component attributes, and allow the user to see and edit them as Component Options, as many sub components as you like to program can take the parent attribute (e.g. as parent!overall_length) and use it to set some attribute of the sub component.

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Looks as if you are trying to treat each piece of wood as a separate dynamic component.


Make a parent component out of each ‘wall assembly’ (if that’s what it will become), give it visible and editable options like Wall height, and Wall length.

And some other options for timber size - say beam width and beam thickness - and stud spacing.

Then your horizontal beam (as a subcomponent of a Wall component) will have
LenX = parent!wall_length
LenY = parent!beam_width
LenZ = parent!beam_thickness
and position attributes
X = 0
Y = 0
Z = parent!wall_height - parent!beam_thickness

And your vertical studs will have
LenX = parent!wall_length
LenY = parent!beam_width
LenZ = parent!wall_height - parent!beam_thickness

and the first stud will have position attributes
X = 0
Y = 0
Z = 0

Though I think if it is a house wall, it’s missing a bottom beam, so you’ll have to modify the formulae above to account for that.

Then the other studs will be COPIES of the first one, with the same size attributes, but different X positions.

Look at Dynamic Component tutorials for how to set up a COPY component, how to position them, and control the number of them depending on the overall wall length and stud spacing.

Does that help?

Actually I don’t think that what you are suggesting does address the problem I have highlighted here. The sample drawing I created is not an actual design and the objects are not intended to be wall panels. They are just multiple instances of the same basic block of wood dynamic component. I do have more complicated dynamic components that contain multiple instances of this wood component that work with global attributes of a wall component. I also take advantage of the copy mechanism in some of my more complicated dynamic components. That is not the problem I am addressing here though. This is a problem where I want to use multiple copies of a given dynamic component outside of a more complicated dynamic component. It is a case where I have manually placed several and decide that I want to change one attribute in the same way for more than one of the instances without their other attributes changing. Did you try selecting all of the objects and change the length? I have seen this problem with other varieties of dynamic components too. The problem seems to be that SketchUp is not able to maintain all the non-changed original attributes of a selection of dynamic components when only one attribute is changed.

For a simple DC, you would only expose the length, say LenY, to the options, the other size attributes would only be excess-able in the attribute dialog.

The form info does not change, so you could use description to view size and other data

=lenX & " x " lenZ & "  -"  & material

as a possibility, I would refrain from using Name so the instance name can be used

For some unknown reason I do not seem to be getting across what the issue is that I am having a problem with. There is nothing that I need to be changing about my dynamic objects. I am highlighting what I perceive to be a bug with how SketchUp handles applying changes to attributes in the “component Options” when more than one dynamic component is in the selection set. Am I perhaps posting this in the wrong place? How should I be reporting a bug if not here?

In the “Dynamic Components Training” collection, there is a “Basic Shelving Unit” that works correctly. (But the only things in the selection set are instances of the same DC component definition.)

Have a look at how that works and compare to your component’s attributes.

(By the way there have been code snippets posted in the past that will add a “Select all instances” context menu command.)

I started a bug reporting thread here (but time has shown that it takes 2…3 years on average for bugs to get fixed.) …

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Optimism. The Units format bug has persisted for as long as the DC feature has been around.