Sketchup 2017 Dynamic Component Options BUG 5/7/2018 3:06:07 PM

  1. I create a dynamic component with an option that describes the status of the component.
  2. I create many copies of the component
  3. I set the option (status) of the first component
  4. Sketchup then (erroneously) applies that same status to all other instances of the component!

watch video:

You need to upload your component, as in the simplest form color/material change is not a problem. Your component has at least one nesting, so need to check this effect you have created
simple examples
test color change.skp (68.2 KB)

Interesting, as soon as I opened your file, and clicked on component attributes of one of the objects, I got the following sequence:



, which I have had before with some of my components.

maybe this is at the root of the problem?

Anyway, here’s an example of a component that’s exhibiting the unwanted behaviour:
CeilingLightLong(v2).skp (20.5 KB)

BTW: sorry for my “tetchy” tone in the video - as you can understand I was tired and frustrated. Thanks so much for your answers and your input.

Regards, J

There seems to be no problem with the DC you have uploaded. Check it out in a separate file. It is likely that there is an inherent interference caused by modifying the formulas of one instance whilst having more than one instance in original file. Without using unique, copies are related and can persist until broken with another operation.

With regards the userforms playing up, you could consider deleting, then downloading and restoring the DC script from the extension warehouse (check current version (1.5.0); October 25, 2017)

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