Modify specific attributes of multiple dynamic components


So I have built a couple of dynamic components for kitchen design (base, top, corner units, doors) … so say for example I laid down all the base units and have set the height attribute to 72cm … but now the clients want to make them shorter. If I select all the components and change the height attribute the widths will all change too.

Is it possible somehow to specify that I only want the height attribute to change?


@elgabbu, looks like in the DC the height and the width are linked. Right click the component, Select Dynamic Components>Components Attributes to check if it is the case and modify the attributes to disassociate them.

@yogesh I wasn’t referring to height and width in particular … Even custom attributes present the same problem.

It happens because when you select several dynamic components, enough though you’re only modifying the common attribute, other attributes with same name will try to match.
I think if you change the attribute names so they’re unique, this will solve that problem.

Cabinet#1: Height, C1_Width, C1_Colour, etc
Corner Cabinet: Height, CC_Width, CC_Colour, etc

So when selecting both, Height will show up as its the common attribute, and the width/colours can’t match and affect each other.

This is my guess, not proven yet.

Right - if several selected DC’s are selected and happen to share user-editable attributes, all common attributes are updated when using the Components Options dialog. You can not select just one of the common attributes to update, although that could be done with a custom extension.

Thanks for the feedback guys … renaming attributes is not a viable option in this case … I’ll try to dig deeper into writing my own extension :smile:

Elgabbu, I’m looking for a similar solution for this. Any luck?