Please Help - with Dynamic componets attributes

Hi everyone,

I’ve been drawing up some cabinet using dynamic components, all work great individually. When I place them together side by side that is when I hit with troubles.

When I place base cabinet left hinge first then double hinge cabinet some how the attributes is copied from the first cabinet I put in (left door, hardware) the rest is ok, but strange thing is with other cabinet using right hinges still work fine. I’ve tried everything even change names etc. spend all day on sorting this out, no luck, what am I doing wrong? I’ve included the files of cabinets on it own, please put the 3 together and play with the width and heights and you see what I mean between Pantry_2D and Base_1DL with Pantry_1DR working fine.


Pantry_2D.skp (325.5 KB)

Base_1DL.skp (254.7 KB)

Pantry_1DR.skp (278.0 KB)

I’ve sorted it out, scale definition every components before saving the file. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go but at least it works.

Ideally one needs to build on original work, but you must make sure all parts are unique, taking a copy and working on it in another file, can mean a copied definition that will latter conflict or “cross talk”

you may be able to fix by using parent! instead of the name of the parent, however if there is a change in the formula rather than variable names, the first installed definition will over-ride any new ones.

So install Eneroth’s Deep Make Unique from extension warehouse, to help with groups and deep definitions

I fixed the components by inserting the first then the others . making the first unique and saving that, then deleting and starting with a new file ( no residue definitions, or could purge) insert the other two, the first of these making unique.

cubs.skp (507.2 KB)

in future within the same file; copy a component and right click menu. make deep unique or unique (depending on depth or if groups involved), this will assure no group or component will be copied and cause cross talk latter on, then work on that.

you may wish to exclude hardware if they have no changes in size, position does not require uniqueness, as reference is parent! rather than some my_part! (as per hinges, note use of parent! on RHS)

Scale definition resets the current scale as 1, it may help the DC in part to become unique as calculations are redrawn, however you would probably need to fix references and formula.

Thank you for looking into it. Ah that explains, yes I did build the other models based on the first model saving myself on building the dynamic attributes, thought it would be fine with different parent names for each. I’ve just installed Deep Make Unique, will give it a go tomorrow. Again thank you appreciate it. Cheers