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I’m fairly new to SketchUp and dynamic components but am looking to integrate them into my workflow and I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some good tutorials (and/or help)! I’ve made a dynamic component for some cabinets from a few different threads I’ve found but I’m not sure how to make sure my handle detail doesn’t get squashed when i change the width of the cabinet. Eventually my hope would be to use a Hidden Attributes command to switch between handle details, I don’t know if this would affect how I set this up from the beginning? Anyway thanks in advance, attaching a photo.
Also I was thinking that another way around this might be some kind of Plug In… if anyone knows any good ones please let me know!

Thanks so much.

DC_R+D.skp (573.8 KB)

Make the handles as individual components and give them Pos attributes and fixed Len attributes (put an equals sign in front of the Len dimensions. If I were making the DC I would set the handle component’s origin at the middle of the length of the pull and use half the overall width of the cabinet for the X position of the pull so it’ll stay centered.

This is an example using a DC I already have. I added a drawer pull to it for this.

Screenshot - 11_28_2023 , 11_26_28 AM


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Thanks Dave :slight_smile: this is really helpful and thanks for being so quick!

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You might also look at the CabMaker plugin. Not free, but if your business is making cabinets, likely to be worth the cost.

See Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Realmente existe muitos poucos conteúdos gratuitos! Mais aqui no fórum todos tem ajudado muito, também trabalho com móveis e tenho uma plataforma que integra com SKP.

Atualmente estou desenvolvendo minha biblioteca
Com recursos dos componentes dinâmicos.

Aconselho a fazer sua documentação e padronização dos atributos que irá precisar para extrair. Após isso é só treinar que vai pegar o jeito rápido!

Se quiser posso compartilhar minha biblioteca com vc para usar como exemplo para criar a sua !!

Boa sorte :handshake:

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