Dynamic Components for Kitchen Cabinets: Can I hire this done?

I have a custom cabinet shop. I design kitchens with Sketchup Pro then build construction drawings with Vectorworks CAD. I would like to create a library of parametric components that I can drag onto a drawing then modify dimensions as needed.

I understand the basic concepts of size & position attributes but cannot fathom the byzantine logic of how Sketchup manages Units and User-Editable dialog boxes.

I don’t need terribly sophisticated dynamic models. I would be content to just be able to control the size of drawer faces and doors. With just that information I can export all the rest of the math I need.

Can somebody point me to a tutorial about this or towards somebody I can hire to make this happen?

Sounds like what you want is easily achievable using Dynamic Components (DCs) in SU. It would help to see what some of your cabinets look like to see how complex the DC would need to be.

I am not familiar with VW but am intrigued to know why you think SU is a better bet for this kind of thing.

It’s worth remembering that DCs work quite well for simple shapes and repetitive elements. Once you introduce shapes that are asymmetrical (like an ogee, say), it gets more complicated. So level of detail required is crucial.

Sure you can hire someone … but it’s been done already …

… and many more in the Extension Warehouse …

Searches elsewhere …


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