Kitchen Component


Can someone help me to download sketchup components for Kitchens and wardrobes.


Go to, Sign in, then Search and Download

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Hii Mihai.s

Thanks for your suggestion but i want single single cabinet of all the sizes like DRAWERS so i can use those cabinets in my model instead of drawing every time.

Search for kitchen cabinets. Lots of options. Or model your own and keep them for future use.

Isn’t the reason for having a modeling program, to model stuff?

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Someone who does a lot of kitchens might use one of the cabinet plugins. No. modeling for some people is not an end in itself but to get an image or a technical drawing in least amount of time. and pre-made materials or automatic, parametric help is definitely a time saver. But you knew that. You were just begging the question!

There are a lot of artists who really model and it’s mind-bending stuff. Some of us are not like that.

As In CAD though. I find it is almost as much work to create a library as to draw it afresh. Nothing is ever quite the same as last time (darn it), but sometimes you can recycle stuff and brush it off.


I’ve found Kraftmaid’s dynamic components in 3D Warehouse to be very good.

As dynamic components, the doors and drawers work, and you choose sizes, swings and options from menus under right click->Dynamic Components->Component Options.