Kitchen Cabinet Live component update?

Hello! I know that SketchUp has been working on creating a set of Kitchen Cabinet Live Components. Are they still in the works? Any idea when they might show up in the Warehouse? It seems that everyone’s old fallback of the Kraftmaid cabinets are getting harder and harder to find easily…


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This is the collection of kitchen and bathroom models:

:laughing: I always have a computer chair and a couch in my bathroom.

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… and why would we want Kitchen stuff (where food is prepared) grouped with Bath stuff where we go potty ?

Yes…I’m aware of that, but this currently doesn’t include the complete and robust set of cabinetry that I thought was being developed by Steve Guzman and his team. There’s a lot of kitchen designers waiting for these improved cabinets. That’s what I was hoping for an update on…


Would the motive for more models be just for concept designs? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve learned that when I model something, people expect to receive exactly what they see in the model. With the exception of fixtures and appliances, I’ve always designed every set of cabinets as a custom model. I mean this politely, but designers should be designing, not necessarily staging like a real estate agent.

In fact, there are 2 stages:

  1. Prototyping
  2. Actual component design of every model that is to be constructed.

If you’re going to build something in the real world based on the model, it’s probably a great idea to know exactly how the model will appear and how much material is needed to build it. Not to mention that most cabinets are designed relative to the environment they will be installed in. This enables price estimates and it also allows for design modification discovery prior to construction. When you can visualize each piece of the model, you have far more control over the project. Yes, it’s more work initially, but it it’s so much more work to re-design on the fly mid-way through construction.

If this is motivated by purely conceptual work (like things that will never be constructed), then carry on I suppose.