20/20 Model Problems

Hi everyone. I use some sketchup models in my kitchen design renderings. I pull them in through 20/20 cabinet software. I am extremely good with cabinets, but I am not very technical otherwise.

A few years ago I was no longer able to use the models in my designs. Something was repaired later, and I was able to use only the 2019 downloads.

This week I noticed the 2019 downloads are gone, but the other versions do not work in my software. Should I just move on, or should I call 20/20 support, or is there something simple I can do to get things going again? I use this mostly for plants, lighting, wall art and miscellaneous room decor.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? You put nonsense in your forum profiile for that as well as the operating system and graphics card.

If you are trying to use SketchUp models from the 3D Warehouse, the Warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2019. It only supports the current version and the two previous versions. Either you’ll have to find another source or get the 20/20 people to update their software.

Thanks. As I said, I am not technical and was not sure how to answer those questions - so nonsense it is. I’ll call 20/20 for help.

Do you use SketchUp at all? Please at least edit your profile to put useful information in there.

Good luck with 20/20.

Hey ccarey2020!
In coordination with SketchUp supporting the current release and the two years prior (2022, 2021, 2020), 3D Warehouse hosts the same file versions. It might be worth checking with 2020 support to see if they have plans to support SKP 2020, or 2021 files. Take care!

Thank you! I updated my 2020 version, and the current 3D warehouse models are working now. I appreciate the response!

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