3d Warehouse used in 20-20 design software

Hello, I had the same problem last year too. I cannot browse 3d warehouse while using 2020 desig software. Please help. Thank you.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2018. Is that correct? The 3D Warehouse does not support 2018 or earlier versions of SketchUp.

If this is the answer of my question, I should say the problem is nothing to do with the version of Sketchup.
I am using SketchUp Pro21. However, I use my account to download sketchup componenets into 2020 design software at work. Thank you.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2018. Please correct that.

Are you downloading directly from the Warehouse? Perhaps 2020 doesn’t support the version you’re downloading? You might need to download components with SketchUp and save them back to an earlier version.

Does 20-20 open SketchUp files at all?

From a thread you started in Jun of last year:

Since it’s 20-20 that doesn’t support the 3D Warehouse you should be contacting them, not complaining here. It’s their problem.

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I design kitchen and bath with 2020 design software at work. This software has the option to download components from the sketchup i3d warehouse into 2020 file.For example I need to add some applainces to the plan that I cannot find in 2020 . So I have the option to download from Sketchup warehouse which is great opportuity to complete my plans. It is working perfectly. However, since few days ago I cannot have access to 3d ware house from 2020. I hope I could clarify.

Talk to the developers of 20/20 about this. In the past they have been slow to update the version of .skp files they support resulting in users being unable to use content from our warehouse. There is nothing to be done from the warehouse side. It sounds like they need to fix their software… again.

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