Using 3D warehouse products in 20-20 design software

I am a long years SU Pro user. As a designer, I need to work with other software with a different computer for my clients. I could import the objects from 3d warehouse directly into my files from the 2020 design. (2020 kitchen design software has the option for direct download from SU 3d warehouse.) Recently, I cannot a page appears asking for my information as a product supplier! Please let me know what I can do to solve this problem. Thank you.

A recent change to 3D Warehouse has changed how it is accessed from outside (older versions of SketchUp cannot see 3D Warehouse, either). Likely, 20/20 is using old interface information. You might try reaching out to them to see if they can make an update.

I found this article on their site:

It’s very brief, but since that date they are saying that you can’t use 3D Warehouse directly with their program. They say to update to a particular version instead. I tried the current version, and it seems to be able to import SKP files up to version 2019. You would find what you need using your web browser, then download a 2019 format version of the model, and that should import into 2020 Design Live ok.

What is the cut off date/version?

Fortunately, it seems that what I said was only a short lived issue. In the current version of 2020 Design the Items tab does still have a SketchUp option. It indeed shows the same blank results page that SketchUp 2017 and 2018 users are seeing.

The latest copyright date I can see in the Chromium browser they are using, is from 2016. Good chance it’s the same version used in SketchUp 2017.

Other people are looking into whether something can be done that will help 2020 Design. For now, download 2019 format models in a browser, and import those instead.

Some good news. The issue that had been introduced by changes to comply with more recent versions of Chromium, has been fixed. SketchUp 2017 and 2018 are showing the 3D Warehouse window contents ok now.

For 2020 Design in particular, I found that I needed to go to in the Chrome browser to do the sign in step, then the window in 2020 Design worked ok. You may need to even sign out, then sign in with Chrome.

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I checked today and it works charmly!