SketchUp 2018 pro with 3D warehouse 2019

Hello. I am using sketchup 2018 pro. how I finished drawing and how I need to insert furniture from 3d warehouse now, I have a problem. 3d warehouse offers me furniture for sketchup 2019, 2020 i 2021. If I download new version of sketchup, I will not be able to open old version and project. Do you have some advice? What should I do now?

The 3D Warehouse only supports the last three versions of SketchUp. You could update to the current version and continue working on your model to add components. Alternatively you can go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser and download the Collada files for the components you’re interested in. Then import the included .dae files into SketchUp 2018.

The Collada files download as .zip files. Extract the contents into a folder and import from that folder.

Best practice would be to import the .dae into a separate SketchUp file so you can check to make sure dimensions are correct and that there’s no excess detail. Then copy and paste into your project.

Thank you Dave, I will try with the collada option :slight_smile:

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This is incorrect, if I am understanding what you mean. Newer versions of SketchUp can open all older versions of SKP files.

Also, installing a new version of SketchUp has no effect on any older versions of SketchUp that are already installed on your computer. You can have many different versions of SketchUp installed and working concurrently. (Only one version will be associated by the computer’s operating system as the default application to launch when opening an SKP file, but the other versions can be launched manually.)

As you are using Windows, you could also consider using Eneroth’s Open Newer Version extension from the Extension Warehouse, download a 2019 version, and use the extension to read it and save back to 2018 (I’m on Mac now so can’t use it but I think that’s how it works).