Kitchen bath design help

Hello all first post, some great info here. Thank you to all the people who take time out of their day to contribute here.

So i got sketchup pro 2018 yesterday to design kitchens and baths. I am working thru tutorials and made my first kitchen for a building thats going up here in brooklyn. I have 3 questions,

1- is there a built in render feature to get that hyper realistic look? the design looks like a cartoon as it is and is hard to make design decisions based on it.

2- is there a good plugin you guys think i should use? i downloaded v-ray for sketchup trial, man it looks complicated.

3- Is 3d warehouse the best place for super realistic looking materials? looking for wood floors, stone slabs, tiles , etc.

Thank you so much for helping

  1. No, the only renderer built into SketchUp is a simple shader. For photorealism you need either an extension or an external renderer.
  2. There are many renderers compatible with SketchUp. In general, good rendering depends on a lot of details such as light types and placement, which makes even the simplest renderers somewhat complicated and usually requires a few tries before you get an image you really like. You can search the forum for recommendations on renderers, as this is a frequent topic. I think you will find that the idea of “good” is quite subjective and what works best for you will depend on your individual skill level and goals.
  3. For the most part the 3D Warehouse contains models not bare materials, though the models may contain interesting materials. The models are not quality-controlled, and many of them are extremely detailed, suitable only for extreme closeups or when that object is the sole content of a model. You should always download a 3DWarehouse model into a separate blank model and examine it to see how “heavy” it is before importing it into your own model.
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Here is a kitchen created with CabMaker plugin and rendered by podium

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gkernan, that is exactly the quality im looking for. may i ask how long that took to create

If you go to SketchUp extension warehouse, you can search for rendering software - a quick review of the websites of the extensions that are of interest may help narrow it down.

I currently use one of the simplest renderers - Raylectron, may be a good place to start.


Actually I am the plugin author for cabmaker. This render was done by Peter Anthony who is one of my clients. I really don’t know how long it took him.