SketchUp style renderings in Blender

Hey all, thought some of you might be interested…

New Blender add-on to create Ambient Occlusion line renders in Blender 2.8
Simple one button use. Has presets plus you can save and load your own presets.
Blender can even export SVG with line weights, colors and fills.

Some samples:

SketchUp Warehouse bathroom (cycles render):

SKETCH STYLE render with mirror, glass and picture overrides:

Same bathroom but blueprint hidden line preset:

Very large model >1M verts

, rendered at 4K and downsampled in Pshop:

GUI and Display interface preset

And a video explaining it all:


Really nice collection and overview of capabilities here. I’ve yet to dive into the videos, but in my line of work I think this workflow might be the way to go. Thanks.


I’m still not convinced that this is the right place for promoting the migration from SketchUp to Blender * ahum *

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The way I see it, it’s not so much a migration but an integration. Blender, in these cases, is used primarily as a renderer, filling in the job that SketchUp can’t do. As a designer who creates physical experiences, this is very appealing to me as an alternative to far more expensive, complicated and SLOW options out there.