How do I get this look and feel in Sketchup

Hi all first post…
I recognise this as high end renderings, but what is the easiest / sketchup add on to acheve this look. It doeskin aspirate to look ‘photo real’, rather artsy / graphically.

Also I diont want third party software, looking for something that can work inside SU.

This is a question that unfortunately does not have a simple answer. There is a lot of good rendering software available that run as a plug in inside SketchUp. I’ll try to point out some things for you to consider.

What is your budget ? Rendering software varies from free to a cost of thousands of $.

All rendering software has a learning curve. Some are just a little easier than others. The results you get are in direct proportion to the time spent learning the software you choose.

Be aware the very best arch-vis images you see of rendered SketchUp models in most cases have had extensive amount of post production work done in a photo editing software.

Suggest that you spend time in the “Gallery” sub forum here. Look for users that have posted arch-vis images and see what rendering software they are using.

When you you’ve narrowed down the possible choices of rendering software that is available spend a little time on the forum of the ones you are considering and look at the work being done by others.

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This looks to be a render with line work on top. Some render software have an outline overlay built into their looks (enscape comes to mind - Thea too but not slider control for amount), but its also possible to combine any photorender with a standard outline only image from sketchup in photoshop. The benefit of this method is that it can give you a little more control over the mix, by masking and softening of the line image. I also think that this image as a very narrow color palette which gives it a more monochrome look, again, in photoshop you can de-saturate the render to that end too.

example below

SU lines only

Thea normal

Thea withrendered with SU edges

combining lines with render in PS