Can renders be created in SketchUp?

Hello all,
I’m new to Sketchup and cannot figure out if I can also render models with Sketchup or if I need an other, external software to do that. I read on the website that you can render models but I don’t see where. As all these rendering softwares are very expensive I was hoping I can do it within Sketchup.
If anyone could let me know would be great.
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Twilight Render V2, Hobby (free)

You can find more information about render models with/in SketchUp if you search the forum.

Hi Melissa,

I’ve tried many;
have a look at Enscape3D:

I use KerkyThea … it’s free.

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The direct answer to your question is, no. SketchUp on its own won’t do photo-realistic renders. You can use stand alone applications or there are some extensions which are run from within SketchUp. Some folks like the extensions and others like the stand alone applications. Like @jimhami42, I use Kerkythea which is a stand alone application.

Or, the currently free alternative, Twinmotion.

There are many available, see this THREAD

SketchUp has no built in renderer but there are many to chose from. If you think renderers are expensive (a lot of them are) you probably would find SketchUp expensive if its prize tag included a renderer. Also it would likely not be as good a renderer as any of the renderers made by poeple that focus 100% or making renderers.

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Note Enscape is Windows/PC only.

If price is an issue than TM comes the closest to E3D; still I prefer the way you can tweak your materials in E3D. TM has a great library. Still lacked in my opinion in tweaking materials

Some Mac users had it operational: there is an unofficial work-around for Mac.
Still I wouldn’t recommend it