Model Rendering for Web-Based 3D Viewer


I have nearly completed my model that is intended to be viewed on our company website. I am unsure of the process to go from the sketchup model to fully rendered file that can be viewed in a 3d model viewer.

I realise the rendering can be accomplished using any number of rendering software programmes which can be used within sketchup, all of which seem to save into 2d images. I assume sketchup does not export a rendered model, therefore what software is best to render the model and produce the necessary model for viewing in a web based 3d viewer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Richard C


Others have posted similar inquiries before. There are far too many rendering software programs available to list them all. Here is link to several earlier responses that may be helpful:

You may also want to look at this search comparing some of the more common renderers:


Those renderers make a static 2D image. I believe the request was how to make a rendered interactive 3D scene.

Being rendered and being real time are opposites in some ways. If you’re going to do real time viewing of a 3D scene, it’s not rendered, it’s using the GPU to do as good a job as it can on the fly.

If you go to 3D Warehouse and use the 3D viewing, that shows you what can be done directly from your SketchUp scene. It’s not very photorealistic. You could use Unity or other 3D engines to get a lot better looking scenes, but playback might require there to be a browser plugin installed.

Or you could make a video. Here’s one that a Unity user made (what you see can be viewed in real time using the Unity plugin):


Thanks Colin.

I am happy with the notion of rendering a sketchup model. I really need a 3d model which will be viewable through a 3d viewer embedded into our web site.

My knowledge gap is how to get the sketchup model, fully rendered and exported as an stl, obj for conversion to a stand alone 3d model. The export function within Sketchup seems to only export the model with Sketchup native materials and not the photorealistic materials created with the rendering software. The rendering software saves as 2d jpg, png etc which is fine and I shall be using those images on the web site also. My problem is getting the standalone 3d model fully rendered out of Sketchup.

Perhaps another solution would be if there is package that adds photorealistic materials into Sketchup ?!?

Thanks again

Richard C


LightUp can export FBX files along with the rendered material, that you could then use with Unity. It isn’t cheap, but does have a 30 day trial version, which puts watermarks onto the images:

This video shows the steps needed to work with Unity: