Exporting a model fully rendered and interactive. Is this possible?

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First post so here goes… I have a model I have drawn of a well test package that my employer would like to export as a dae file up into their website so that the model can be fully interactive for anyone visiting our website.

This would allow the user to zoom in/out spin around the model etc. However when we do this it displays as a model with only edges and has no realistic detail throughout.

Question here is this… is it possible to fully render a model so that it looks detailed / realistic but at the same time still be a fully interactive model??

I am aware that there is many rendering tools out there however i get the feeling they are only suitable for producing a 2D rendered image rather than the creation of a fully interactive / rendered model.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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posting a skp file and/or some images would aid with giving a constructive answer…

The most simple thing would be to embed a 3D warehouse window. You can navigate through the whole model and even enter the full screen mode and cycle between different camera views. You can look at the http://www.sketchup.com/ front page for a preview.

Another option would be to use the unity3d web viewer that would give you a lot more controls, but that would require a plugin.
For interiors, you can can render a 360 cube map to view around the model.

The 3D Warehouse idea wouldn’t answered the fully rendered part. Something that would do rendered enough, and fully interactive, would be the LightUp player:


There is some cost to that, LightUp itself, and the $10 app.

Hey thanks for the reply

the use of a 3D warehouse window looks really good, is there a tutorial that you know of that takes you through the steps?


FYI, from SketchUp Help Center:

Embedding a model from the 3D Warehouse in a web site or blog