Publish an interactive model?

Hello, generally new to sketchup so forgive me if this question is foolish.

I’ve created a model of an art gallery where I work, in order to visualize future exhibitions and/or determine what is and is not physically possible within the space, and I thought it would be cool if it were possible for people to interact with it. I’m wondering if it’s possible to publish my model to a website in a way where people could virtually walk around the space?

Thank you for considering my question.

You have several possibilities, it depends on what you want to learn and how you want to look in the end

  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Simlab Composer

In one of these programs you can import your 3D model from SketchUp, prepare it and then export it as a WebGL file, which you can upload to your site and display it on a web page, and visitors can interact (virtually walk around the space).

Or maybe one of these types of visualization is enough: