Online model sharing

HI everyone

Since SketchUp web got introduced for an open beta, and given the smooth and easy operation (for me, at least)of it even in the beta stage , I’d like to propose a new feature that could benefit us all.

I’ve been working on large and diverse projects for the past couple of years, and seen some architects, designers etc. use sketchup models to present their designs to customers. The thing is that until now they’ve been able to present the models mostly through screenshots and videos, and that doesn’t always cut it for the more involved clients. Those who wanted a closer look at the model had to download & install sketchup, receive the file by mail and open it up. I think it can be much easier and way more intuitive than that.

I suggest to add a controlled file-sharing platform into SketchUp web for client-designer interaction, where one subscribed user (the modeler) could give each of his clients separate personal login credentials (kind of a guest login, possibly temporary credentials) so that each client could open up Sketchup web, login with his credentials and see (as in read-only) the relevant model, walk around, shift, pan etc.

In addition to making the commercial modelers’ lives easier in such projects, it would greatly increase the amount of exposure the platform receives, especially among the project-oriented crowd.

Let me know what you think of the idea and maybe it can be implemented in future versions of the web platform.

Trimble Connect
Trimble Connect for SketchUp

Thanks, that is a great tool I haven’t been aware of.
However, I was talking about a lighter, less complicated way of showing only the SU model in such a manner, without having to download a plugin, file, or program, and without having the whole team to work under the Connect platform.

then the Simlab 3D PDF exporter is maybe an appropriate solution, free Adobe Reader is typically installed on more or less every (Windows) system:

Installation by “Window > Extension Warehouse…” (Google account req.)