Trimble connect - collaboration enabled in free web version?

I am a Pro user - working mostly on the desktop version of Sketchup.

Now, I wish to share a model that I work with, with a friend - they viewing the changes being what I want to accomplish.

I know that SU web by default stores models to Trimble Connect.

My question is that if model sharing with another person works, if I am Pro and he is “Web/Free”. What is the combination that works here - only Pro to Pro ? Or even Free to Free ?


A SketchUp file is a SketchUp file so a file you create in Pro and publish to Trimble Connect can be opened in the free web version.

If you only want your friend to be able to look at but not edit your model you could use the online viewer. You would send them a link to the model you’ve published. They could navigate around the model look at it but wouldn’t be able to modify it.

BTW, please update your profile. It appears to be out of date regarding SketchUp version, etc.

If you’ve invited the other person to a Trimble Connect project and share the SketchUp model into it, you can both open the model with SketchUp Free, SketchUp Shop, and even the desktop version SketchUp Pro.

Note: SketchUp Free may not be used for commercial purposes.

Thanks, it looks like what I want to do would work out - using Trimble Connect (basically I want to avoid the step of emailing the .skp file - for him to view my changes).

You can go to and sign in. Then go to your files, tick the checkbox for the file you want to share and over on the right click the Share icon (two heads). In the Share Data panel chose the desired Share with option and complete the rest of it. With View Only chosen for Access, he can only look at your model but not modify it.

Thanks again. So far I’ve just been working locally/offline - and all aspects of the web version are new to me. These answers have likely saved me a couple of hours of searching and trying out things on my own. A great illustration.

Glad that helped.

In case you haven’t found it, in the File menu you should find Trimble Connect>Publish Model. This will give you a direct upload. There is a lot of capability with your Trimble Connect account so have a poke around.

I would recommend that you continue to save your files locally and publish to TC separately.