Trimble Connect Sketchup File Sharing

I have been aware of Trimble Connect, looked at it a while back and dismissed it because it looked like it was geared toward large projects collaborating across multiple designers, contractors and engineers. I dont think im wrong. I saw somewhere maybe the release notes about sharing a read only version of the sketchup model. ( I guess its been around a while, I didnt know) I jumped on it. Signed up for Trimble Connect and experienced a number of hickups. Maybe I did it all wrong. The Trimble Connect install didnt get me in. I eventually got Trimble Connect on my desktop, managed to get files uploaded and managed to create a link sharable that would let my customer load the online read only version of my file. That is actually all I want. I design single family homes and my customers and contractors would never navigate Trimble Connect. So im all good using it as the cloud source for the files but it is not friendly, it does not make updating files easy, it wants to own my files like it should in a large collaboration not as a server for simple distribution. Im thinking there might be bugs in the new sketchup links to “Connect” and im patient like I am with all the other issues. Im sure the next update will resolve many problems. Im not sure why all users are the beta testers, but thats another thread. So the long way around the barn. I like the read only file share for models. In the past I have shared my actual model and steered clients toward the viewer or the free on line version in order to collaborate the design phase. I always hated putting my model out there so I want to urge making sharing a read only version of a SKP file easier to share. I understand not all users are in the construction field but this would benefit many.

Opening any of your files in the Free web version will allow you to ‘Share’ a link to a read only version.

Thanks I will check that out!

However, the Trimble Connect option allows you to embed the model on a web page so the only thing the viewer has to have is a web browser.

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And the share option from the free web version opens in your default browser.

Agreed, I like the way that works but its is buggy, The links in Sketchup dont work I get a blank browser page. I finally found the desktop app and its still buggy to load updates to my model. It takes a little extra effort but once the link is generated its easy to share the model. Viewing the model on Trimble connect is strange i shows all components and groups but no scenes I couldnt expect anyone to figure that out. The link is great I hope uploading gets smoother.

You can do it straight from SU2024 now via the Trimble Connect share button

Here is an example link, because it is the SketchUp view, it has the SketchUp scenes

Yes thats what im talking about. The uploading from sketchup has been buggy for me.

Have you got an example link you can share?
I’ve had problems with some files, but haven’t worked out why some struggle

Can you explain the problems with the workflow in a little more detail? The idea of putting Trimble Connect sharing in SketchUp is that it should be very smooth and convenient. Obviously you have not found that to be the case but it is not clear exactly what is going wrong.

You have mentioned that the Trimble Connect integration wants to “own” your files. That is an astute and quite correct observation. Allowing Trimble Connect to be your model’s home unlocks fast updates to your shared links, automatic revision history, and the ability for you to work across multiple devices including computers without SketchUp installed (SketchUp for Web) and tablets (if you are into iPads). It also means that you’ll likely lose no work even if your computer is hit by a meteor. That’s why the new integration is pushing you in that direction. You can get more benefits by embracing the cloud as the primary storage for your models rather than just a backup or distribution hub.

If you really want to manage the distribution of your models manually, then of course you can, but you will have to juggle two models all the time. One local model, and one published model. You should be able to use Save A Copy to Trimble Connect and manually overwrite your published model whenever you want stakeholders to see your changes.

Hi Paul. I can see the benefit of Trimble connect and how it works with other Trimble products. However not everyone has high speed internet and often on job sites there is no internet up here in the wilderness. I have used the viewer in the past when developing a design I was never comfortable putting my model out there. I have gone to using the web based version as the viewer is different over each type of device. The shared link is great and easy to explain a to a non computer person how to navigate the model. I would not want to have my file be web based. Sketchup has enough speed issues without adding the internet connection. Trying to use Trimble connect with the 2024 release has been problematic. I have had bug splat crashes just using the share model icon. I have used the save copy also. To be able to get the sharing link Sketchup is forced to save a copy each time. It should give me the option to link to the existing file on Trimble Connect if I dont need to update the file. Its actually easier to upload the file to Trimble connect then open it and use the web version to create the sharing link. In the 2024 release the Open Trimble connect in a browser from the file pull down menu or the icon open a browser page that has the web address in the browser but its a blank screen no login or anything. So it doesnt work on my machine. There is no ability to share a link from the Trimble Connect Desktop App that I can see. I understand that Trimble connect is designed to work with other design programs besides sketchup. My skp files when opened in the view file part of Trimble Connect load with everything turned on. There are only groups and components , no tags or scenes. I could not expect anyone to figure out that mess. I doubt Trimble would allow files hosted on another server to generate the shared link to the read only version. I have been using Google Drive for quite a while to share files with customers and them with me. They have a hard enough time with that, I couldnt expect them to use Trimble Connect.