Unable to 'Save to Trimble Connect' and ultimately 'Share' a file on Sketchup 2024

I’m trying to Share my Sketchup model with a client through Trimble Connect for the first time. I’m following all the instructions to do this, to upload the file to Trimble first, then Share using ether the icons in the top right hand corner, or through File/Trimble Connect/ etc. But it’s not letting me do anything.

It won’t let me Creat New or Add New folder, so I just have to cancel. I’ve also tried uploading from within Trimble, but also doesn’t seem to work.
Any help out there?

Click the little stack in the top left above create new - choose your server.

Once you are there it should show you a list of projects on that server - then click into the project you want to save to - there is normally a premade one called “SketchUp” on the North American one.

You can manage the projects and create new ones over at connect.trimble.com if you don’t have any listed.

When I click this, it just goes grey and nothing happens. I have some saved projects within Trimble, but these don’t appear…

And thank you for your reply

Has this been resolved? I am running into the same issue, all is grey and clicking doesn’t do anything.