Is it possible to share a project with a friend?

I’m wondering if its possible to share a project with a friend. We’re doing a project together and would love to build on the prototype together at the same time if it works. If not, it would be nice to know how to split/share a project with a friend without working at the same time.


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You can’t both work on the file together at the same time but you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse or to Trimble Connect and share access to it.

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Why don’t you split up the model and work on separate components each, combining them back into a master file at the end of each day?

It’s the same process I use when working on large scenes, except in this case there are two of you.

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You could try “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Wont work you can only have one input per machine not two. The only way is to literally split the file into two and work separately.

You could try “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Have you tried it?

How do you share via Trimble Connect? Right now we’re using the same account to both get access to the project. Is it possible to share with another account?

I think you need to use the same account since you have to be signed in to access it. I suppose your friend can create their own account and save the file to it instead of to yours. Then you’ll have two different files which will likely diverge and no longer be the same.

You could just invite your friend to come over to your house and you can play tag team on the project with the same computer.

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in Trimble connect, you would have to make a team and invite your friend to collaborate/ make annotations/ etc. The setup for Trimble connect is a bit ‘too much’ for only two people…(more appropiate for large teams, I think)

seems a better option…

He can bring the beer. :smiley:


Just wondering if you’ve had any success using Trimble Connect. I have not been able to share models with my wife on her iPad even after making her a Team Member. Her iPad only shows the first uploaded version of a file. This is after running the separate Trimble Sync program.

I’m wondering if I can’t make it work for 2 people, how is it that large teams are able to use it? Seems like Connect could fill a very large hole in my sharing protocols.

Hi all,

same question here. I’d like to share a SketchUp model with a few people (only for display, not necessarily for collaboration). How do I go about this?

While SketchUp runs great in the browser, and I’m logged into my (free) Trimble account, I still can’t seem to find how to upload and share my local SketchUp model.

Thanks for help!

Ah, I think I found a way (sort of).

It is described here.

However, it seems not possible to share a model from within SketchUp Web, not even if you go to the Burger Menu top left and choose “Trimble Connect”. Instead, it seems you have to go to the dedicated Trimble Connect site separately, and share your model from there, by selecting it and clicking the little envelope icon.

One question remains at the moment: when I share a model “for anyone with the link” – can they see my name as the model’s creator, of will I remain anonymous?

Here’s a link to a model of mine to try.

Further problem is, the above link doesn’t work (anymore, after having worked initially). Instead, now I get the following error message in the browser:

This file is not enabled for viewer based on the project configuration. To Enable viewing capability please contact connect-support[at]trimble[dot]com

Thanks for help

I would really be thankful if someone at Trimble could look into this, and check why sharing a SketchUp model, using the dedicated share functionality of Trimble connect:

…does not work!

The link created by @jbacus over there also is defunct.

I’m just curious. Can you not select Team and then add a project member by clicking on Invite?

I have already tried this and invited myself with an existing e-mail address.

I received the invitation including the link to the model – but clicking the link only resulted in the same errror message as described above.

Thanks for the report, David- we’re looking into it.


while the two links mentioned above still don’t work, causing different phenomena (my previous link does open Trimble Connect, but then loads forever and doesn’t display the drawing, John’s link still throws the error message “This file is not enabled for viewer based on the project configuration – To Enable viewing capability please contact”), a new link created just now works at least for the moment:

A SketchUp model of a sleeping room with 20 scenes

However, even if link creation and SketchUp model sharing should be fixed, this is by no means a viable option for effectively sharing SketchUp models. First, the quality of a shared model shown in the browser is very basic and rather bad. Second, and this is worse, if the model contains scenes in order to make people find their way around your model, the scenes are not shown in the shared model when it is displayed in a browser:

Actual model in SketchUp with lots of scenes:

Sorry Trimble, the sharing feature as it is now, even if it would work technically of which I’m not sure (see above), is far from being useful!

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What is the best way to share ALL of a sketch, including scenes?
Also, when I opened David.P’s second link at, there are some interesting ‘artifacts’ on the ‘ground’ outside the door of his sleeping room.

No idea what these are, except as part of the “even if it would work technically” issue.

‘All of a sketch’, do you mean share the whole file? You can upload the file to Trimble connect and then share that file with another user.

You can also use the 3D warehouse.