Hello! I’m new to SketchUp as an architectural designer, and my boss and I are working to create a cohesive and seamless working environment between the two of us. Our problem is that we can’t figure out how to work on the same file together. We don’t necessarily have to be able to work at the same time, but we want to be able to go in somewhere that’s not email, edit the other person’s drawing, and then allow them to see the edits and continue from there. Does this make sense? Is there somewhere inside TrimbleConnect we can do this or is there another facet of SketchUp I’m missing? Thanks in advance! —Matthew

Yes. Upload the file to a project you’ve created in Trimble Connect. Then invite your boss (or the other way around) as a collaborator. Then one or the other can check out the .skp file to work on it. After you’re finished working on it, save it back to the project folder. There will be a history of who worked on it when. There’s also things like a ToDo list where you can share notes about things that need to get done.

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