Selecting a sketchup for collaborative work

Just wondering if I could get some advice. My coworker and I would like to have access to the same sketch up files under the same account. We don’t need to work on the same project at the same time but work like to work on different projects at the same time. We would like to both work on our laptops but also be able to open the files on iPads for client meetings. I currently have sketch up pro, but have no idea if I could add her to my account. And if we get separate accounts I don’t believe we will be able to see each other’s files. I’ve seen some info about adding members or seats but I haven’t seen enough to know if it would work. Does anyone have advice on which sketch up we should get and how this works?

Simple answer is if you both have Sketchup Pro you use Trimble connect to share files.

A SketchUp license is personal and tied to a Trimble Identity (=emailaddress), so you would need an extra seat for your coworker.
This can be done in your AMP or your coworker can buy it her/him self, the advantage of adding a seat in your account is that the expirydate is the same and it would make it easier for oversight.

Projects where collaboration is needed on an organization level can be set up in Trimble Connect, each Trimble ID gets a free plan for Trimble Connect and a project called ‘SketchUp’ but when you have a SketchUp Go/Pro/Studio a Trimble Connect Business plan is included with access to an unlimited number of projects and data.

So then one could set up extra projects and invite team members to collaborate and have access to the files.
Those files are then hosted on the Trimble server (‘the cloud’) and to access them, one could use the file menu in SketchUp to navigate to those files and open/publish them.

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When you open a file on the Trimble connect edit and save it once more does it save as a new copy or stay as the same copy. Let’s say I open the file, edit save, then next day my coworker does the same, it would just save the changes for both correct? We just don’t want a bunch of new ones to be created and cause confusion.

Each publish gets saved in the version history, even when both are working accidentally on the same file opened from Trimble Connect. One can see who published it and when.

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