Except my.SketchUp, is there any way to share my design, for others to edit online?


I am new to sketchup. Recently i am looking into ways to share 3d design online for multiple user to edit.
So i found out about this my.sketchup beta, which is quite awesome. However, besides this my.sketchup, is there any other ways for me to do design sharing and collaborating on the web?


Trimble Connect has a desktop edition.

I assumed that you need to install the TrimbleConnect Desktop edition on your computer.

What if we dont have the privilege to install, so the only way is through my.Sketchup?

Then really there is no point in discussing desktop applications at all.

I will not say this. There a multitude of cloud-based file sharing services.
OneDrive, DropBox, etc. etc.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.

What we want to archive is not just file sharing but editing as well. The purpose is to let the rest of the user to edit without the need to install any 3d application on their machine but just use web browser e.g. through my.sketchup.

Are you asking in a more general sense, of what other modeler applications (and their native formats) have a both a cloud-based (online) collaboration interface and modeler ?

I myself haven’t used any other, but I think that they exist. I do not know if they import .skp files, but I believe a more common file format would be .STL. (There is a STL import/export extension for desktop SketchUp, but not yet for my.sketchup.)