Sharing projects with client

Hi, just started to use sketch up pro.
I really need help to understand, how can I share a project with a client who does not have sketch up?

Thanks very much in advance for you help.

One of the simplest ways, without getting involved with Trimble Connect, which is very useful for sharing projects, is to use the share option of the web version.
Open your model in the web ap and use the share option from the top left menu icon to get a link such as this.

As you see if you click on this, the Client can view but not edit the model.


@Box can projects be shared with clients using Trimble Connect without adding their email address?

I’m not overly familiar with the ins and outs of Trimble connect, but from what I know about it I doubt it. You are basically giving them access to a project and as such there needs to be some sort of ID involved.
But I’m sure @MikeWayzovski could fill us all in.

The web app method you mentioned is good. If TC had ‘open in web all’ like Trimble Creator, that would allow ‘memberless’ sharing. Using it to share to this forum would be handy.

Sharing in TC can be done anonymously on a per file basis, but you still would have to enter an email address (you can use your own) to create the links:


Here’s the link:

you can set the date when it expires, or revoke instantly in the Activities:



Thank you. I was in a doom loop going from Desktop to Web Connect when I finally realized that 3D mode was activated… hence no blue panel/explorer.

Previously I’d just uploaded a couple of files to TC out of curiosity (& for the point cloud viewer). Lately I created projects. I had thought sharing was limited to team members so sticking with Office 365 Business seemed reasonable.

I really like ‘Cards’ (like in Planner) with an IMAGE. Trimble Connect has that.

With sharing I’m going to switch over and try it out for awhile.

I didn’t realize TC could be a legit project ‘Dashboard’.

Share a folder in the same way is not possible isn’t it? I tried a few weeks ago to share a folder but the only way I was able to share the folder was including people in the project. Later I thougth that everyone would be able to see everyone else’s mail and it could be against data protection.

correct, you can select multiple files, but it will create a link for each of them.
As an alternative, one could create a zipfile and upload that.

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