Interactive 3D model on website


I designed a tent for a company on sketchup. A tent with different add-ons, different possibilities etc.
I would like to put the model on their website, making it possible for the clients to see the tent and to select or unselect the different layers.
Is this possible ?
I know you can import you model in 3D warehouse but it makes it only possible to zoom and rotate.
I want to make it possible to choose between the different layers.

Thank you in advance

Indeed the sidebar in the web viewer currently does not have an Layers panel (although it would also be very useful for viewing).

A hack would be to make copies of the model (use components, so it does not impact model file size), change all geometry to Layer0 and hide geometry that would be on hidden layers.
Then you can make a scene (without transition) for each copy of the model. Using the Scenes panel, the user could switch between scenes and see a different configuration of the model, as if one would enable/disable layer visibility.

Thank you for the quick reply,

Are you sure it’s possible for the user to switch between different scenes?
Because I have different scenes in my sketchupmodel but they dont show on the website.

Thank you

You could try Simlab Composer > Export 3D-PDF or WEBGL