Embedding a slew of sketchup files on an already built website

I have a client that sells a dozen or so different sheds with a bunch of different sizes for each and lots of different material and color options. They have asked me about creating sketchup models of each to have embedded on their website that their clients could click on and navigate around. This has to be possible and doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to do. I could handle the model creation but I’m unsure of what the best way would be to export them and have them embedded on a website. This would be a great feature for them as they currently have a couple of not so great pictures of each one to view and a 3d model that you can navigate around would be much more marketable. Thanks in advance.

You could upload them to the 3D Warehouse (which would be good for your client anyway) and then grab the embed code for the web-based 3D viewer and then post that on your website.

Here is an example of a model on the 3D Warehouse: Mid Century Desk


Thanks for the reply. Does anyone have a link on a website that is setup this way so I could see how it works. Thanks.

Hi , İ have question about embed code.
i implemented the embed code of a 3d model to my site but in the front end the camera views menu is hidden under an arrow and no one see it… is that possible to bring the camera views menu open in the front end?