Embed components assembly in Web browser

Hi. I have a set of components (house furniture) and I Was wondering how could I deploy an embeded modelo in a web page so then by selecting some buttons or checkboxes the furniture would be placed in the model, automatically.

Thanks for any suggestion, could be also third-party software.


You can embed components uploaded to the warehouse in a web page via HTML. But you would need to go through the warehouse to download them directly into Sketchup

You could embed the component files in a page as downloadable links, say attached to 2D clickable pictures of each object. But the component would download to the users target folder or desktop, not directly into an open sketchup window. They could be copy pasted or inserted from there.

Thanks, but I’m looking for something more like having the components already downloaded or embeded in the model, and with the clicks in checkboxes, they “appear” or "disappear"in the model.

Thanks anyway!