Do you know anyone who can Embed a 3d sketch up model in a Craft CMS website so the end user can edit / navigate our product

Hi, We have an e commerce website built in Craft CMS that sells self build flat pack work spaces, it is aimed at the home work market. The build system is modular and each of the 5 size options is made up from a choice of 5 different wall panels connecting to standard floor and roof panels. Our website is currently built but not live and we feel in order to demonstrate the almost infinite flexibility of the build system it needs to have a configurator embedded in the site to allow our customers to design their workspace for their specific needs. My question is can we embed a user friendly 3d sketchup configurator that our customers can use with ease. I have a very “entry level” knowledge of sketch up so please go easy on me with the technical side of things. Many thanks Pete

You could check out Sketchfab they claim to be able to embed models anywhere online.(after you upload them to Sketchfab).